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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we announced in the editorial article of the June issue of the BAI Newsletter, BAI will host the BAI InnovationsDay as a virtual, all-day event for the first time on Thursday, September 30, 2021. The presentations and panel discussions will be streamed live from a Frankfurt studio to the Talque conference platform.

Idea and target group!

On this day, we would like to present technological developments in the asset management industry, with a primary focus on digitalization and distributed ledger technology, but also on artificial intelligence, and their possible applications along the value chain on the one hand; on the other hand, we want to present and discuss the accompanying regulation on a national and European level.

Target audience are member/industry companies and institutional investors, but of course also relevant technology companies or start-ups.

Preliminary agenda - Please contact us if you wish us to take up further topics.

Part 1 Technology & Regulation

DLT and mapping of funds and assets in blockchain infrastructures.
  • Technology: How does it work? What infrastructure is needed?

    Crypto assets vs. crypto funds: introduction and presentation of the main issues and implementation options in practice (including tokenization, e- and crypto-securities, trading and administration, risk management, stress testing, set-up and operation of a crypto fund, etc.).

  • Regulatory issues in Germany and Europe: What are the requirements in general for products, services and infrastructure?

    Topics discussed include licensing/permitting issues under eWpG (e.g. differences between e- and crypto-securities), KWG (crypto custody), KAGB/FondsstandortG (impact on investment triangle), etc., MiCA, DORA, DLT Pilot Regime.
What is DeFi, what does DeFi mean for the fund industry?

BDAI / AI: Where is Artificial Intelligence already used in the fund industry, where are potential application areas? Among other things, presentation and discussion of the BaFin principles for the use of BDAI.

Part 2 UseCases/Pitches (presentation of selected topics in short slots, especially from technology companies/start-ups)

Preliminary examples: Token/crypto due diligence, cyber security, KYC and money laundering prevention incl. crypto value transfer regulation, reporting, sales, analytics, etc.

Are you a technology company or start-up and want to present on one of these topics? Please contact the undersigned with a specific topic proposal.

We are happy to offer various sponsorship packages to companies who would like to present themselves at BAI InnovationsDay. Some of these packages are combined with a speech or a panel discussion, but you can also book attractive lunch or networking packages or a virtual exhibition space.

Click here to download the sponsorship documents

Click here to download the conference flyer

Further details as well as information on the participant fees will be available on our homepage soon. If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Dornseifer

Christina Gaul

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Christina Gaul
Senior Consultant

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