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BAI Newsletter III/2020 - Editorial Article

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The latest edition of the BAI Newsletter, with a focus on Infrastructure, was circulated to our members and the industry this morning. We are delighted to provide now the English speaking community with the translation of the editorial article from our managing director Frank Dornseifer.

You will find the follwing articles in the June issue:
  • Infrastructure Investments: We will soon experience an unprecedented shift from liquid to alternative asset classes, Interview with Dr. Peter Brodehser, Talanx Group - Ampega Asset Management GmbH
  • Renewable energies defy the crisis - Impact of the corona crisis on the asset class of renewable energies, by Markus W. Voigt, aream group
  • Infrastructure Investments in renewable energies enable returns and impact, by Alex Widmer, BlackRock
  • Infrastructure facilities and their diversity, by Marc Moser and Walter Kn├╝sli, Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG
  • Impact of market distortions on the asset class infrastructure, by Markus Landes, SOLUTIO AG
  • Infrastructure investments in a changed market environment, by Dr. Sofia Harrschar, Universal-Investment
In addition, we are pleased to present an interview with Mr. Bernd Franken, Nordrheinische Ärzteversorgung, who comments on current AI topics from an investor's perspective. Furthermore, we also recommend the interview with Mr. Burkard Balz, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, who was interviewed about the ongoing work on the introduction of digital central bank money, the Bundesbank's view on the Facebook project LIBRA and the resulting risks and effects on markets and the financial sector.

With kind regards,

Christina Gaul

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